Thinking of starting a business now that you feel the time is right to stand again amidst this global crisis? Seek help from the right people to achieve success.

Many of us today are ready to run a business physically and digitally, but we also have to consider the new normal life since the COVID-19 pandemic struck not only in our livelihood locally and but also globally. Starting up from the ground is the hardest part of the business journey. But we are Filipinos and we’re known to be resilient in many ways.

Overwhelmed by so many things to do in running a business? You probably feel the pressure on how to delegate and organize the tasks daily, time constraints, and marketing to make sales are just a few of the many challenges you will be facing. Fear not for there’s always a way is there’s a will!

One of the best ways to lessen that problem is to seek help. Someone who knows the in and out of your business and someone who will take charge of the task you least like to do. This is the perfect time to hire a VA or virtual assistant to do the labor for you and save you time.

What is a VA or Virtual Assistant and Why Hire them?

A Virtual assistant is a freelancer you can outsource remotely to do the work for you and your business. They will provide you with admin support to do the data entry, and email management, answer business inquiries online or via phone calls, and help you do the marketing for your business to be known online.

Virtual assistants work remotely and are widely known today because everything is done digitally, and all transactions are done without the need to go to a physical store to buy or to pay. They can provide work full-time or part-time. That idea alone can save you cost a lot and save you more time.

What can you benefit from hiring a VA?

Saves You Time

A VA or Virtual Assitant can save you a lot of time every day and even gives you the time to expand your business, gives you the time to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs, and you can even plan an effective strategy ahead. Because the VA will do the hard job for you, you will strive to succeed and won’t feel any burnout that will give you the insanity to continue growing your business.


The VA will only do a job that was being asked to do so. You will only pay for what they have accomplished in a day. Isn’t it money-saving wise? You need not spend on interviewing and training an employee and much more amazing is that you don’t need to pay for office space, because it’s done remotely.


Yes, a virtual assistant is capable of doing many things in a day. A VA can be your marketing person, your creative, and even your salesperson. Your VA can be your second brain if you want to brainstorm an idea to expand your business. Since they have knowledge of how to run your business, they also have the capability of giving you their idea of what resonates with your customers and what is trending in your industry. 

Provides 100% customer service.

A virtual assistant works in a flexible time. They can work according to what time zone their clients want them to work. They can provide support and can address any concerns in different time zones. They can work even on holidays!

What tasks can I outsource when hiring a  virtual assistant?

Below are many ways that can be outsourced to a virtual assistant:

  • Data entry
  • Managing emails
  • Google drive management
  • Schedule appointments
  • Answering calls and chat support
  • Website design and creation
  • SEO website optimization
  • Copywriting for blog posts and sales materials
  • Social media content creation
  • Creating reports and slide presentation
  • Social Media Management 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Ad campaigns 
  • Social Media analytics reporting
  • Logo creation
  • Social media graphics template and Infographics creation
  • Digital business collaterals creation
  • Lead generation
  • Travel bookings
  • Video editing for vlogging
  • Ecommerce website creation and management
  • Bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • IT management
  • Transcription
  • Recruitment

Now that you know the above information about hiring a VA or a virtual assistant, you can probably say that they are an asset for keeps. They can be loyal when treated right and can do the extra mile for a job when paid the right amount. The most exciting part and also a risk for first-time business owners is to find their perfect VA.

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