A successful business owner’s secret to their success. You are probably guessing the answer “Hard Work” right? Yes, that is ONE OF THE, but they are not the only answer. One obvious answer if you are familiar with outsourcing is hiring a virtual assistant to delegate your business tasks. 

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Here are the 10 Reasons Why Successful Business Owners Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

1. Saves You Time

Time is gold for everyone, especially for business owners who run a business. Time cannot be rewound and things taken for granted cannot be undone. The more progressive your business is, the more work needs to do. Hiring a VA will unload all that work for you. You will have less time to work on admin tasks or have to be active only to respond to business queries. You will have more time to research market trends to improve your business and more time to plan strategies to close more sales. The best part of it is you will have more time for your social life and family affairs!

2. Cost-efficient

Hiring a VA will not only save you time but also save you money. It is way cheaper than hiring a full-time in-person employee. You have the liberty to choose to hire a full-time or a part-time VA. Depending on the work you need to delegate. It’ll save you cost from hiring different personnel to work on different tasks since virtual assistants are known to have multiple skills to offer. You can hire one to do multiple tasks as long as both parties have an agreement. Remote VA will shoulder their own expenses such as electricity and internet bills, taxes, and insurance.

You are not bound to cover sick leave. And you need not pay for office rentals. Isn’t amazing?

3. Delegates Task

As we have been highlighting the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, time and money are just the icings on the cake. The main reason why companies and business owners hire a virtual assistant is to delegate as many tasks as possible. Keep their hands off to complex work that they know someone can do it on their behalf. Limited time constraints you from doing everything at once, having a virtual assistant, allows you to hold a meeting with the client for possible synergies and close deals. You and your hired VA will have more work to do and finish in one day.

4. Increased Business Productivity

To increase your business productivity, you want to finish a task on time. Delayed output means the delayed quality of service. Hiring a virtual assistant working remotely has an amazing increase in productivity. Read catalyst.org’s report called Remote-Work Options Can Boost Productivity and Curb Burnout and see why remote workers have fewer burnouts and an increase in well-being, productivity, innovation, and inclusion. With this kind of environment, you will definitely expect your VA to work happily and expect them to finish tasks on time.

5. Provides Quality Service

Virtual assistants underwent a series of training, and attend free and paid courses to leverage and update their existing skills to meet dynamic trends in business online. Before they offer you their services, they have invested not just time but also an ample amount of money to make sure that they provide you with the best quality service. Receiving positive feedback from their clients is their pride and capital to scale more. A highly skilled virtual assistant improves your business product and or services. A highly skilled VA can contribute knowledge you don’t know that will help your business strategy and planning.

A highly skilled VA can contribute knowledge you don’t know that will help your business strategy and planning.

6. Scale Your Business

Running your business is a real struggle. Constantly promoting them online and closing sales are overwhelming too. You need to come up with a strategy for how to properly market your business. You will have to invest more time to conduct market research on how to provide solutions to your client’s demands. Hiring a virtual assistant is now a demand for business owners who want to scale their business up. It is a smart solution to remove those struggles for you. Your virtual assistant will take care of your admin daily tasks, manage your multiple social media pages and generate leads for you. 

7. Flexible Working Hours

Having a freelance virtual assistant who works remotely also provides flexibility in so many ways. They will adjust their working hours depending on your time zone where you are located. They can offer you a graveyard shift if the work demands that particular time. You can adjust how many hours you want them to work for you. A virtual assistant can work at an hourly rate or at a fixed project-based rate. You can even find an affordable virtual assistant who will provide excellent quality service in countries you least expect, that includes our country Philippines.

8. Little to No Training is Required

A virtual assistant who has been offering services for quite some time needs no training if the task is repetitive or if they have previous experience. You would know that base on their freelancing platforms profiles like Upwork, Fiverr, and onlinejobs.ph.  You may also train them to familiarize how your business works. Assist them with the software you used and sharing of files. Other than that, you will not have to worry about the rest. VAs have the ability to educate themselves by self-studying things they aren’t sure about. They can also seek help from freelancing communities. Google and YouTubes are their best friends. Giving them enough time to work with your business, they will know the way around in a month or two. That I am sure about.

9. Keeps Your Mind Sane

Business owners face inevitable dilemmas along their business journey. Constantly overwhelmed by unfavorable factors like customer complaints, too much work that needs to be done on time, consistent promotion, and exploring new ideas and trends in business will definitely turn you insane! Number 3 reason from this article that will benefit you from hiring a virtual assistant is to delegate tasks. Delegate tasks you know nothing much about or hate the most. Unload works that will eat too much of your time and focus on things you love and need for networking and expansion.

You have to have a healthy mindset in order for your business to grow and for you to feel happy and sane.

10. Provides You Growth

Hiring the right virtual assistant who will help your business rocket to success is an asset. A virtual assistant saves you time, and money, and gets rid of your stress. They do the work for you. You do other important things for your business growth like networking with like-minded business owners. Collaborate with companies relevant to your niche or complementary to your product or services.

Virtual Assistant is An Asset to Your Business

Indeed the role of a virtual assistant is vital for companies and business owners. They are your business core to success. You have the brain for ideas and the money to run your business. Outsourcing a virtual assistant remotely is the missing key to completing your business success.

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